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Pop-up clinics in India

“What a relief. In five years, I will come back to Marie Stopes for another IUD. It’s the only place I can get one.”

29 year old Kaushalya lives near the small village of Manpur Machedi in Jaipur, India. Her community is very poor, and while many of the women she knows want to choose if and when they have children, they’re not always able to access the contraception that would allow them to do that.

Our outreach teams in India are working to change that though, by setting up temporary 'pop-up' clinics where women can find out about all the contraceptive choices available to them.

One of these clinics arrived near Kaushalya's home. With four children already, Kaushalya and her husband already feel their family is complete, but up until recently they’d only been able to get condoms locally.

Helping communities plan for the long-term 

Communities in India have more access to condoms than ever before, and this brings with it many positives. However, it is the long-term contraceptive methods offering protection against pregnancy for a number of years, that really allow families to confidently plan for their futures.

Our temporary clinics have given whole communities access to a range of long-acting methods, such as IUDs - the contraceptive method Kaushalya chose.

What a relief. In five years, I will come back to Marie Stopes for another IUD. It’s the only place I can get one and it’s the only thing that really stops me from having to worry about getting pregnant.

It’s this sense of relief that she’s been keen to share with her friends. In her community a lot of her friends and neighbours don’t want to have any more children – rather they want to use what little money they have to bring up their existing children.

Kaushalya continues: "My husband and I both tell our friends and people in our community about Marie Stopes. Family planning has made such a difference for us and we want to make sure people know what’s available to them. I know nine women who have started using family planning after my recommendation."

Visits from Marie Stopes outreach teams mean that women like Kaushalya are able to make choices about the way they live their lives - but not everyone is lucky enough to have a temporary clinic set up near them. In countries with vast rural and remote areas such as India, the funding simply isn't there to visit everyone who needs us.

In fact, although India’s economy is booming, there are still large numbers of people living in extreme poverty and as many as 46 million girls and women* in the country unable to access contraception.

* Data from April 2013

With your support we can reach many more

Collaboration with private individuals is crucial to ensuring we can continue to run outreach services such as those accessed by Kaushalya and her husband.

Your support could make a huge difference, and help us bring life-saving services to the people and regions who need them most.

To find out how you could become a donor and support our work, visit our Philanthropy page or contact our Director of Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation, John Lotspeich.

Find out how you can support our work on our Philanthropy page, or contact Andrew Tuttle - our Director of Programme Design and Development - to discuss the different ways you can work with us.

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