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No woman left behind

Photos capture the lives and realities of the women we serve.

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate women and their achievements, as well as recognise the progress that’s still to be made to achieve true gender equality throughout the world.

Many of the women we reach still lack access to the reproductive rights and healthcare many of us take for granted. Our photo gallery below gives a glimpse of the diverse lives and experiences of the women we serve. Some are farmers, some are teachers, some live in cities, some live in slums - but they all share something in common: they deserve the right to choose when or whether to have children.

Now, more than ever, women’s rights and bodily autonomy need protection. In every continent we work we’re seeing the progress that’s been made in family planning and safe abortion access under threat. The signing of the Mexico City Policy in January 2017 is set to have a devastating impact on women, particularly those in developing countries, and will almost certainly lead to an increase in unsafe abortion and women unable to access modern contraception.

There are glimmers of hope, with many governments stepping in and pledging funds to the She Decides global initiative, but more must be done to ensure no woman is left behind.

At Marie Stopes International we promise to be bold and do all we can to protect women’s access to basic and life-saving reproductive healthcare. We will not look away from abortion, and we will not turn our back on the women who need it.

Scroll through the images below to see some of the millions of women we serve every year.

If you empower a woman, life becomes well for the whole family. Because women, always in our country, they are the main actors.
Dr Peter, Marie Stopes Tanzania outreach team
No country in the last 50 years has emerged from poverty without expanding access to contraceptives.
Bill & Melinda Gates annual letter -
Refusal to acknowledge the need for family planning and safe abortion doesn't mean it's not there.
Simon Cooke, Marie Stopes International CEO

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Every woman should have the right to choose when and whether to have children.

The Global Gag Rule means millions will be left without that choice.

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