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House votes to repeal Global Gag Rule - What next?

Contraception, Opinion

The US House of Representatives has voted to pass a spending package that would reverse the Trump administration’s harmful anti-choice and anti-woman policies.

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Introducing SafeAccess

Press release, Safe abortion and post abortion care

A cross-partner coalition has launched SafeAccess, the first digital platform of its kind, working to eliminate unsafe abortion.

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New flagship health programme

Contraception, Press release

New flagship health programme to transform the lives of millions of women and girls and accelerate FP2020 progress

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Breakthrough could end virginity testing

Marie Stopes International
Policy and advocacy, Fragile states

A new policy that will stop clinics and hospitals performing virginity tests that lead to the imprisonment and exclusion of Afghan women has been approved.

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New DFID funding will help millions of women

Contraception, Press release, Maternal health

DFID announces major new funding for Marie Stopes International

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Trump’s Global Gag Rule one year on

Will Harris
Press release, Policy and advocacy, Opinion
Madagascar, Uganda, Zimbabwe

One year on from President Trump’s re-imposition of the Global Gag Rule, the loss of funding has left Marie Stopes International with a funding gap of nearly US$80m (£60m).

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Comment: What our mission means to me

Maurice Othulo
Contraception, Outreach, Opinion

"The mission is one of those things one doesn’t appreciate the presence of, but would immediately and keenly feel the absence of."

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Media statement: Ealing Council PSPO

Press release

This ground-breaking move by Ealing Council sets a national precedent for ending the harassment of women using legal healthcare services.

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World Contraception Day 2017


Ten years on from the first ever World Contraception Day, millions of girls are still being robbed of their life chances by being denied contraception.

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Opinion: Too many see a girl as just an accident

Dr Carole Sekimpi
Contraception, Young people, Opinion

Dr Carole Sekimpi, Country Director for Marie Stopes Uganda, tells us why the London Family Planning Summit is so important for young girls, and the impact she has seen family planning make in Uganda.

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Data shows the 1.6bn reasons contraception matters

Marie Stopes International
Contraception, Press release, Policy and advocacy

As policymakers, donors, and advocates gather for the London Family Planning Summit, new data by Marie Stopes International shows why we must act now to ensure every woman can access contraception.

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Governments step up for reproductive rights

Kylie Harrison
Safe abortion and post abortion care, Policy and advocacy

Governments and philanthropists pledged €181 million for family planning at the She Decides conference, following the US administration’s decision to re-impose the Mexico City Policy.

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Government of Canada pledges $4m to Marie Stopes

Marie Stopes International
Contraception, Safe abortion and post abortion care, Policy and advocacy

Canada has pledged $4 million funding to Marie Stopes International during the She Decides International Conference in Brussels.

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