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We help women to have children by choice, not chance.

A new generation of young people are fighting for a world in which everyone has the chance to be the hero of their own tale. We stand with them.

No More Fairy Tales

Worldwide, nearly two thirds of adolescents who want to use contraception are not able to do so. That’s 23 million young people whose futures are hanging in the balance.

At Marie Stopes International, we know this situation has to change if we are to see a world in which girls have an equal opportunity to fulfil her potential.

On World Contraception Day 2018, we launched a graphic novel No More Fairy Tales, that celebrates a new generation of young people who are saying enough is enough. No more Fairy Tales features four exceptional young people who are defying society’s myths and misconceptions and are championing the truth: that contraception transforms lives. They are refusing to wait for permission and are fighting for a world in which everyone has the chance to be the hero of their own tale. Despite the stigma around sex and contraception they are taking matters into their own hands, driving change in their communities and helping to give other young people the chance they deserve.

We refuse to let them do this alone, and we are determined to reach young people everywhere to deliver choice on their terms.

In 2017, we reached


adolescents with contraception

In 2017, we averted


unintended pregnancies among adolescents

The impact of our services

Marie Stopes International provides contraception and safe abortion services to millions of women and families across the world.

2017 was the year in which we delivered more services, and achieved a greater health impact than ever before in a single year.

26.9 million women and their partners are using a form of contraception provided by us. And since 2010, the number of women we are protecting from unplanned pregnancy annually more than doubled.

The figures are impressive in themselves, still more so when you consider that each of them represents an individual woman or girl, using our services to build the life she wants. We will never lose sight of the fact that each maternal death averted is a life saved, a family kept together, one more person working towards a country’s development.

Our impact 2017


unintended pregnancies prevented


in direct healthcare costs saved


unsafe abortions averted


maternal deaths averted


using MSI contraception

How we help

We are on the ground in 37 countries around the world, going the last mile to deliver practical solutions and life-changing services.


We’re working tirelessly to expand access to high quality and modern contraception, and to offer the widest range of methods in every country we operate in.

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Safe abortion & post-abortion care

In the countries where we're legally permitted to do so, we help women to safely end their pregnancies. We also provide immediate, life-saving care for women suffering from unsafe abortion and miscarriage.

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Maternal health

Our maternal health services support women who would otherwise have no choice but to give birth without properly skilled attendants or emergency obstetric care.

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When she decides...

The world is better, stronger and safer. On the first ever SheDecides Day we want to highlight some of the incredibly strong women we have met, whose stories linger with us.

Delivering for every woman

“I am tired, the suffering is too much. There is peace here, but no money.”

Snakes, bandits and Boko Haram

Snakes, bandits and Boko Haram - all in a day's work. But despite the many dangers, the team demonstrates a total commitment to the mission and improving the lives of their compatriots.

Umah Dumbuya

"Getting an education was my dream, and taking contraception has allowed me to pursue that."

Annie Ramasy

Annie Ramasy travels for up to six hours every day to provide family planning services to women in rural, isolated communities in Madagascar.

Chap Si Yim

“I don’t need to worry about unwanted pregnancy and I can keep working to support my family.”

Gifty Danwah – Market porter and client

I hadn’t used contraception before Marie Stopes. I said to myself this will change my life, and it has.

Naomi Mwansa – young client

I was scared to go to prison. I was worried about the number of years I would spend there. I was really scared.

Paulina Marko Dahai – outreach client

My daughters must study. Education is the most important thing. I want them to go further than I did – this is my dream.

Chum Dam – vasectomy client

It's time for me to take responsibility.

Afride Lyatuu – Marie Stopes Tanzania nurse

My job is good. It makes me happy. I like to be out here helping women and saving lives.

Lizzie Banda – Marie Stopes Zambia nurse

I have to work, for the people. That’s why I chose this career. I’m proud to work for my Zambian people.

Sister Laeticia Dlovo

Since joining Marie Stopes South Africa in 1998, Sister Laeticia - known as Ma Letty - has seen the country liberalise its abortion law and make tremendous improvements in maternal health.

Margaret Louve

“Having many children was never part of my plan,” says Margaret Louve, but a lack of consistent contraceptive uptake meant she became trapped in a succession of unplanned pregnancies.

Mariam Haruna

"We had to run. All the pain of running is more than the pain of this insertion."

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