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New report launched!

We just launched a new report sharing women's views on abortion care - because it's time their voices are heard.

Sharing women's views on abortion care

To mark International Safe abortion Day, Marie Stopes International is launching a new report, My Body, My Voice: Women’s views on abortion care, based on interviews with more than 1,900 safe abortion clients from across Africa, Asia and Latin America to shed a light on the realities women face when accessing care.

Their responses provide unique and valuable insight to what women face every day when accessing abortion care worldwide. Whilst every woman’s experience is unique, these responses help us to identify trends and solutions, based on what women want and value.

The report highlights the prevailing stigma surrounding abortion, with nearly one in four women (23.4%) reporting directly experiencing stigma while accessing abortion care, either from family members, partners, their community, or even in some cases from providers. High levels of stigma around abortion are creating a culture of silence, meaning women who need safe services often lack essential information on where to access them. To ensure more women can access the safe care they seek, we need to work together to smash abortion stigma everywhere.

Single women were

0 times

more likely than married women to experience stigma

Women aged 25-34 years were


more likely to experience stigma than women under 25

How we help

We are on the ground in 37 countries around the world, going the last mile to deliver practical solutions and life-changing services.


We’re working tirelessly to expand access to high quality and modern contraception, and to offer the widest range of methods in every country we operate in, so that every woman we meet can choose the method that is right for her.

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Safe abortion & post-abortion care

In the countries where we're legally permitted to do so, we help women to safely end their pregnancies. We also provide immediate, life-saving care for women suffering from unsafe abortion and miscarriage.

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Maternal health

Our maternal health services support women who would otherwise have no choice but to give birth without properly skilled attendants or emergency obstetric care.

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