Our impact

CYP Performance, 2000 - 2012

One of the most important ways in which we track the performance of all our country programmes, and the extent to which we are expanding the scale of our services to bring more women choice, is through measuring the couple years of protection (CYPs) that we are delivering each year.

One CYP is the contraception that is needed for a couple to prevent pregnancy over the course of a year. Different family planning methods account for different numbers of CYPs, depending on how long they can be used for, and how effectively they prevent pregnancy. 

Our 2012 Global Impact

In 2012 we delivered 20.8 million CYPs and our services provided choices to more women than ever before, we:

  • prevented 5.3 million unintended pregnancies from occurring
  • prevented 2.1 million unsafe abortions
  • saved the lives of more than 11,000 women 
  • saved families and healthcare systems £226 million.

We estimate that by the end of 2012, there were 13.6 million women across the globe using a modern method of family planning that we provided. That's more than double the number of women we were serving just four years prior to that, in 2008. This increase in our scale has meant the impact of our work has also grown.

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